Jillian Kneeland y Adrianne Holmes

Jillian Kneeland

Jill’s practice of yoga has been diverse and playful, not only in workshops and trainings she has attended but in her travels throughout the world, having attended classes in dozens of studios across three continents. The diversity of this experience has enabled Jill to develop a blended practice, one that honors many traditions. She received her 200-hour teaching certification in 2016 from the Chris Chavez Path to Yoga Teaching, in Istanbul, Turkey. During her teacher training, she learned to inspire in her students an integration of mind, body, and soul, as well as an openness to the boundless joys of yoga in its intensity and gratification. Focusing on pranayama, alignment, bandhas andchakras, Jill teaches a Vinyasa Flow sequence that stems from insights of patience and encouragement for all students to embrace the gift of the body.

Adrianne Holmes teaches a creative, smooth and soothing Vinyasa Flow class that combines movement with breath, expression, and a bit of humor. A true lover of all things yoga, Adrianne thoroughly believes that yoga is a vital part of her wellbeing and uses it as her tool to calibrate her inner compass for living with the humble and simple goal of finding joy in everyday life. Adrianne continually strives to live the teachings of yoga, on and off the mat.

She completed her teacher training in India, in 2003. Since then, she has been teaching yoga, both private and group classes in Argentina, Australia, England, Mexico, and Panama. When teaching yoga, her focus is on the student and ensuring that they leave their practice feeling refreshed, renewed, and relaxed.

Find Your Flow

Join Jill and Adrianne from @findyour_om_pty for a vinyasa class that will take you on a journey of connection to strength and inner peace. Energize and unwind as they tap into a practice that will leave you feeling charged and blissful.

Esta clase será dictada en inglés, sin traducción simultánea.

Find Jillian and Adrianne at @findyour_om_pty (Instagram)